Viola Davis calls for acting equality

March 9th, 2012

Viola Davis wants to be seen as ''equal'' to other actresses.

The Oscar-nominated actress feels her ethnicity means there is a limit to the kind of roles she is offered and wishes casting directors could appreciate her varying qualities.

She said: ''All I want is to have the same opportunities as a 46-year-old white actress.

''I'm a lot of things other than strong, sassy, wise and dignified. I just want to be seen as equal. That's it, simple as that.''

The 'Help' star is frustrated that casting non-white stars in movies appears to be viewed as making the films niche by Hollywood bosses.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine:'' I can't think of a black actress, apart from Halle Berry maybe, who is considered a box-office draw.

''You can have a story about a white family living on fifth Avenue in New York that somehow speaks to all mankind, but if you have a black family in New York it only speaks to the black community apparently.

''It sends a message to Hollywood; 'Don't put your money into that black film, put it on the white film.' ''