Plan B had to have guts to make 'iLL Manors'

May 31st, 2012

Plan B had to have ''guts'' to make 'iLL Manors'.

The rapper unveiled his hard-hitting directorial debut film - following the lives of eight characters downtrodden in British society - in London last night (30.05.12), and Jo Hartley, who plays pub owner Carol in the film, thinks he's achieved something special.

Speaking at the flim's premiere in Leicester Square, she told BANG Showbiz: ''Ben is a spokesperson for a generation of kids. He's an amazing storyteller and he's a poet.

''He's got guts. But Ben doesn't do it for the work and the art, he does it for the humanity of it.

''I know what kind of person he is, when we talk to him as a human being he's real. As an artist you're going to get realness from him.

''And he's got the talent that goes with it, the voice, the lyrics, his vision. It's good for the young generation.

''Ben is saying there's hope look at the choices you make. I watched the film and it inspired me.''

Jo - who has previously appeared in 'This is England', 'Dead Man's Shoes' and 'Inbred' - also said Plan B, real name Ben Drew, let her have a lot of freedom with her character.

Se added: ''He rang me and told me about the story and told me about Carol and, actually, he said, 'Do what you want with it.'

''He gave the back story and then on set he was very supportive and very giving, Ben's very intuitive - you can tell when he's happy or unhappy.''

'iLL Manors' is released on June 6.

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