Halle Berry was determined to make mental illness movie

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November 19th, 2010

Halle Berry was determined to get new film 'Frankie & Alice' on the big screen.

The Oscar-winning actress - who plays a woman with multiple personalities in the true story - admitted despite the movie taking 12 years to come to fruition, she wanted to encourage people to have compassion for those suffering from mental illnesses.

She explained: "If I get my mind set on something, I'm pretty relentless. It's hard for me to get unstuck once I'm stuck. And I just believed in the story.

"I believed in the triumph of this woman and I thought that if in some way it could shed light on the stigma of mental illness it would be a good thing for people to have a little bit more compassion for people who suffer.

"The minute I heard this woman's story, I was intrigued by it and I was determined to get it to the screen."

The 'Monster's Ball' star - who has a two-year-old daughter Nahla with her ex-boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry - admitted having a young child while the filming was taking place made a nice difference from playing such a "heavy character".

Halle added to America's OK! magazine: "It's nice playing a heavy character like this and then going back to real life and just having a newborn baby and all the wonders that new motherhood brings."