Outrageous actress Thandie Newton

November 3rd, 2010

Thandie Newton loved being "outrageous" in her new film.

The British actress portrays sexually-promiscuous barmaid Tangie in 'For Colored Girls' and admits she jumped at the chance to don outfits she wouldn't normally consider wearing.

She said: "It was fabulous. It's all the things I wouldn't dare wear, but at the same time, it rocked. I felt like I could get away with wearing the most outrageous things. I didn't want it to look ugly and nasty. I wanted to look like she was happy with it."

The 'Crash' star admitted she admired her character because of the pride she has in herself and her actions.

She added: "There's something about Tangie that we envy. She is uncompromising and unashamed. She doesn't need to alter her power. She just needs to nurture herself as opposed to sabotaging herself."

Thandie particularly enjoyed working on the movie because she was able to go off-script so much.

She admitted: "I was able to be spontaneous and ad-lib. It's addictive. Speaking your mind is incredible. It was a very cathartic experience."