Sam Riley: 'I loved being horrible on set'

February 3rd, 2011

Sam Riley loved tormenting his co-star in his new movie.

The British actor plays gangster Pinkie in new movie 'Brighton Rock' and admitted playing a bad guy was surprisingly easy for him to be horrible to co-star Andrea Riseborough.

He said: "It was great, we were at the seaside for five weeks. It is dark but it's fun being nasty. The more timid and vulnerable Andrea was the more I enjoyed being horrible to her. I don't know what that says about me.

"It's quite easy to get into character, sometimes things stay with you and sometimes it's quite easy to leave it behind. I was having a good time except for when Andrea nearly fell off the cliff. She couldn't see how close she was!"

Sam also revealed he loved the scar his character sports and was surprised at how easy it was to apply.

He said: "I really loved it, great costumes, I had a nice scar on my face that used to scare the people around Brighton. The scar was amazingly quick to apply too - I thought it would have taken a lot longer.

"They were lovely and funny to work with. I heard that she was great and she was."

Sam had the opportunity to work with acting legends Dame Helen Mirren and John Hurt in the film but he didn't ask them for advice because he didn't want to appear stupid.

He told BANG Showbiz: "It was great, nerve wracking to begin with but they're very sweet and funny so they're not really all that intimidating when you get to know them.

"You watch them and see how they do things but I didn't really ask them specific questions because I wanted to pretend I knew what I was doing."