Stephen Frears' comedy love

October 19th, 2010

Stephen Frears made 'Tamara Drewe' for people to laugh.

The British director - whose 2006 movie 'The Queen' led Dame Helen Mirren to pick up the Best Actress Oscar - wanted to make a humorous film, and found it when he read the script for the project based on the Posy Simmonds graphic novel.

He said: "I was sent the script. But I had read it when it was in the newspapers. It made me laugh and I always thought it was sexy. I thought it was very fresh, not like any other film. And I approve of that sort of thing.

"I just wanted to make people laugh. I just want people to have as nice a time as I did.

The 69-year-old filmmaker also believes the movie - which stars Gemma Arterton as the mixed-up titular character - "nails" British characteristics with "high spirits".

He told Hollywood Chicago: "It's a sharp eye on a small part of British society. Posy Simmonds' eye is very good, it nails people. And it does it with a lot of generosity and high spirits."

'Tamara Drewe' has so far made $5.8 million worldwide.