Steven Spielberg's darker movies

January 14th, 2012

Steven Spielberg admits his films became "darker" after September 11.

The 'War House' director says he was changed by the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 and that has come across in his work, though he admits the professional shift wasn't intentional.

He said: "9/11 changed a lot for me. It changed a lot for everybody in the world. And my films did grow darker after 9/11. 'Minority Report' was a very dark look at the future, and certainly 'War of the Worlds', which was a very direct reference to 9/11. It was a real post-9/11 story. Not intended that way, but that's the way it turned out. So I think the world has a great impact on how it colours my movies. I think that's a good sign. It just means I'm changing by being aware of what's happening."

Steven also admitted that the sequels to some of his films have not lived up to the high standards he sets.

He said: "My sequels haven't been better than the originals. I haven't made a 'Godfather II' yet. 'Godfather II' is the creme de la creme. And I've never done that. For me. Not maybe the audience - a lot think the third 'Indiana Jones' is the best 'Indiana Jones'. But I always felt all my sequels after 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' weren't as good."