Nicholas Hoult didn't enjoy eating brains for Warm Bodies

January 30th, 2013

Nicholas Hoult didn't enjoy eating fake brains while filming 'Warm Bodies'.

The 23-year-old actor plays a zombie known as, R who falls in love with a human girl called Julie (Teresa Palmer), in Jonathan Levine's upcoming rom-com flick and Nicholas admits it was a struggle to digest the fake organs and some of the scenes were so ''dark'' that they had to be cut from the final piece.

He explained: ''[The brains] were this cold, wet spongy stuff made out of grapefruit and peach or something. They weren't particularly enjoyable considering they were covered in fake blood and all that.

''We had to cut a lot out for the rating. There were some pretty dark bits in the movie with scalps being peeled back and then a bunch of hands delving into the brains, which I thought was actually pretty great. Maybe the DVD.''

Nicholas hadn't read the same-titled book by Isaac Marion - which the film is based on - before reading the script and he was pleasantly surprised when he found the plot wasn't the cliché zombie story he expected it to be, enjoying the ''witty'' humour Jonathan contributed.

He continued to Dread Central: ''You know, the two films I related 'Warm Bodies' to more than a zombie movie were 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Wall-E'. I mean, we of course watched a lot of zombie movies, which was great in helping me figure out just what I was supposed to, well, 'do' as a zombie.

''But I think it was great to have this story from the zombie's point of view, and the voiceover really helps since I'm a zombie and I can't really talk much. Jonathan wrote R with a great dry and witty sense of humor to him, though, which I really loved.''

'Warm Bodies' is out on Friday (01.02.13).