Weekend Wrap-Up: What Happened at the Box Office?

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July 30th, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: What Happened at the Box Office?

-- “The Watch” landed in third spot in overall box office rankings this weekend. The comedy focuses on a group of suburban dads who decide to form a neighborhood watch. All they really want is a chance to feel like heroes a few times a week, but the friends never expect to become heroes overnight. Aliens are walking undetected among the human citizens of the neighborhood, and only the members of the watch can stop them. The big question is whether the dads are truly brave enough to step in and stop a worldwide disaster. “The Watch” earned $13 million during its debut weekend. The film has an R rating for violent imagery, pervasive language and mature content, including references.

“Step Up Revolution” earned over $11 million during the weekend of Friday, July 27th. The energetic movie focuses on “The Mob,” a high-octane dance team. The crew runs into unexpected trouble when an enterprising mogul moves to Miami. He has his eye on a historic neighborhood that many of the dancers call home. Upset at the idea of their home becoming a new business development, The Mob members channel their energy into their dancing, this time focusing on protest dancing. Emily, the daughter of the business mogul, becomes an unexpected ally. “Step Up Revolution” is rated PG-13 for language and suggestive dancing.

Continuing Films

During its second weekend in theaters, Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” remained in first place in overall box office rankings. The dark thriller brought in over $64 million, bringing the total profits to over $289 million. When Batman returns to his role as Gotham City’s vigilante, he has to deal with the enigmatic Selina Kyle and the villainous Bane. “The Dark Knight Rises” is rated PG-13 for scenes of action and violence, as well as language and brief sensuality.

“Ice Age: Continental Drift” has continued to perform well in theaters, earning over $13 million this weekend and bringing the total gross to over $114 million. When Manny loses track of his family, his friends Sid and Diego agree to help him find them again. Sea monsters and pirates impede their progress. The PG rating is due to mild rude humor and scenes of action and peril.

Seth McFarlane has used his raunchy comic talents to create a cinematic hit. “Ted” took in over $7 million. The impressive overall gross now equals over $193 million. John and Ted might be best friends, but to complicate matters, Ted is a magical talking teddy bear. Even worse, Ted has a crude sense of humor and a gruff personality. When John’s girlfriend gets fed up, John has to make hard decisions. “Ted” has an R rating for mature content, pervasive language and drug use.

Spider-Man may not be quite as successful as Batman, but the film is still drawing big crowds. “The Amazing Spider-Man” brought in $6,800,000 during the weekend of July 27th, while the total gross is currently over $242 million. Peter Parker thinks that dealing with bullies at high school is about as tough as his life will get. When he gets a mysterious spider bite, everything changes in unimaginable ways. The film has a PG-13 rating for action and violence.

“Brave” earned over $4 million during its sixth weekend in theaters. Total earnings now reach over $217 million. After a fight with her mother, Princess Merida makes a selfish and impulsive decision. Realizing that her mother is now in grave danger, the princess has to make big sacrifices to undo the damage. The movie has a PG rating for scary action sequences and some rude humor.

Movies to DVD

“LOL” arrives out on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, July 31st. Pop sensation Miley Cyrus stars as Lola, a high school student who has to figure out how she feels about her ex-boyfriend and her best friend. At the same time, she deals with her well-meaning yet interfering mother. The movie is rated PG-13 for language, drug and alcohol use and mature content, all involving teenagers.

“ATM” is a suspenseful horror film about an ordinary situation turned suddenly terrifying. Three friends make a routine stop at an ATM. What they do not suspect is that the ATM will become a prison when a killer with mysterious motives forces the friends to fight for their lives. The film’s R rating is due to terror and violence.

Mario Van Peebles directs “We the Party.” Five teenagers are growing up in the fast-paced world of Los Angeles, trying to fit in and find their own identities at the same time. The teens have to navigate the challenges of high school, including planning for their futures when their present seems uncertain. The coming-of-age film has an R rating for language, drug use and mature content involving teenagers.