Will Ferrell 'desperate' for Anchorman sequel

October 6th, 2011

Will Ferrell is desperate for an 'Anchorman' sequel.

The Hollywood funnyman played newsreader Ron Burgundy in the 2004 comedy and while he is keen for another film, Paramount Pictures aren't convinced, so Will has urged the movie's fans to bombard the film company with emails in the hope of changing their minds.

He said: "I urge you all to email Paramount and make this happen. We are all desperate to do it."

Since filming the movie, Will has had some ideas on how Ron has moved on.

He said: "I'd love to see him work for a British news channel or be the British correspondent working for the Channel 4 news team."

Will also revealed how the most popular lines from his films are shouted at him when fans see him on the street.

The actor - who has also starred in 'Step Brothers', 'Elf'. 'Blades of Glory' and 'The Other Guys' - told The Sun newspaper: "Sometimes I hear 'Stay classy.' I can also hear a fair amount of 'Shake and bake.' 'Let's go streaking' is another one.

"Lately from 'Step Brothers' I've heard, 'Did we just become best friends?' "