Five Top Films Starring Will Smith

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures
December 1st, 2013

Five Top Films Starring Will Smith

Born in Philadelphia in September of 1968, Will Smith was one of four children of Caroline and Willard Smith. From the time he was very small, he had the nickname of Prince because he had a knack for talking his way out of trouble. He originally had an interest in a music career until, in 1989, he met Benny Medina, who cast him in the popular Beverly Hills sitcom, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." From that point on, he has starred in many different movie roles that have gained him a loyal following. This list covers some of Smith's top hits based on box-office sales.

Released on July 3, 1996, "Independence Day" features Smith as Captain Steven Hiller, a jet pilot hero. Hiller, along with David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and the President of the United States (Bill Pullman), have joined forces to rid the world of invading extraterrestrials. The aliens arrive in massive spaceships and begin incinerating most of the world's major cities. The only hope the world has is when survivors join forces to provide one major strike against the invaders. The film offers excellent visual effects combined with a happy ending. "Independence Day" won an Oscar in 1997 for best visual effects and was nominated for best sound. The film also won a Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Movie in 1997 and the People's Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture.

Based on a true story of a struggling businessman, "The Pursuit of Happiness" features Will Smith as Christopher Gardner. Gardner makes a bad business investment on a bone-density scanner, which puts his family in financial turmoil. His wife, Linda (Thandie Newton), leaves him, and he takes custody of his son, Christopher (Jaden Smith). Intent on making a name for himself, Gardner takes an intern job as a stockbroker, where he must train free for six months. There are nineteen other men vying for the position, so Gardner knows his chances are slim. The film puts Gardner through a series of hardships in a story that is sure to warm hearts. The movie won many awards, including the 2007 Teen Choice Award for Favorite Drama Film.

The popular "Men in Black" series of films started in 1997. It stars Will Smith as Agent Jay and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent Kay. Based on the popular comic book series of the same name, Jay is a new recruit for a special agency formed to control the population of aliens among us. Many aliens disguise themselves as normal people and live among the humans peacefully, but one day a flying saucer crashes into earth with an alien ready to take over the world. It's the agency's job to rid the world of this alien and protect a massive energy source known as "The Galaxy." With stunning visual effects and comic relief, this film is excellent for the whole family. "Men in Black" won a total of eighteen film awards and received twenty-eight nominations, including Best Special Effects at the BAFTA awards and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture.

Hancock (Will Smith) is an alcoholic superhero who has lost favor with the public in spite of saving lives and fighting crime. Each time he enters the city to help someone, he ends up destroying property. Public relations specialist Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) decides to work with Hancock to help restore his image and make people love him again. "Hancock" won the award for the Top Box Office Film at the ASCAP awards and the Best Action-Adventure Summer Movie of 2008 at the Teen Choice Awards.

Living as the sole survivor in New York City, Robert Neville (Will Smith) is working alone to find a cure for a deadly virus that turns humans into zombies. Released in 2007, "I Am Legend" is a science-fiction drama about a man determined to reverse the effects of the virus by using his own blood, which has become immune to the disease. He has set up a residence in the middle of the city where he has everything timed to perfection. He knows how to bathe, hunt, and scour the city without coming in contact with the infected. He also has his trusted dog by his side to keep him company. Lurking in the shadows are the infected. They are waiting and watching for him to slip up. The film has some touching moments as he meets others who have not been infected, and he struggles with his own losses. Neville knows he is running out of time and is outnumbered. The movie ends with a sad twist, but one that may have a positive effect on humankind. "I Am Legend" won nine awards and received eighteen nominations, including the Favorite Horror/Thriller award at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards.

Well known for starring in science fiction and comedy films, Will Smith has enjoyed success with many of his films. Among his movies, you are sure to find something that you will really enjoy.