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Jennifer Lawrence stars as 17 year-old Ree Dolly, a young girl struggling to take care of her family in the Ozark Mountains after they've been left parent-less. Father Jessup has disappeared after making bail for cooking meth, and their mother has been left in a catatonic state, needing care from Ree on a daily basis. One day the local Sheriff comes to tell the family that their father put up their house as collateral for his bail and unless he shows up for his trial in a week's time, they will lose it all. Despite warnings to stay away from the dangerous drug trade, a determined Ree puts her own life on the line in an effort to learn the truth about her father.

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Jennifer Lawrence will produce 'The Glass Castle'. The Oscar-winning actress was previously expected to play Jeanette Walls in a film adaptation of her best-selling 2005 memoir,...
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Jennifer Lawrence thinks the Oscars will be ''incredible'' - because she'll have wine. The 22-year-old star - who received a nomination two years ago for her role in 'Winter's...

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