Top Five Stories to Inspire Wolverine 3

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios
May 16th, 2014

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After Hugh Jackman's return to the role of Logan in "The Wolverine," few fans were surprised when the studio announced that another sequel was in the works. The studio quickly announced that it, too, would feature a storyline borrowed from his comic history. While Wolverine has had plenty of exciting adventures on the comic book pages, a few stand out that would make a perfect transition to the big screen.



wolverine3-hulk.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Studios

5. Wolverine vs. The Hulk

It may surprise some that Wolverine's first appearance in the comics wasn't in an issue of "The Uncanny X-Men." Originally, he appeared as a nemesis for the Hulk, where his claws and adamantium skeleton made him a good opponent for the green juggernaut. Wolverine stuck around for a few issues, and reader reaction quickly saw him recruited into the X-Men team. Seeing these two fan favorite characters face off on the big screen would be a thrill, but unfortunately, this dream match-up is unlikely to happen. With the movie rights to the Hulk firmly in the hands of Marvel Studios, it's unlikely the character could appear in a 20th Century Fox film without a complicated legal deal.



wolverine3-magnetofatalattraction.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Studios

4. "Fatal Attractions"

In 1993, at the height of the "Fatal Attractions" storyline crossover, Magneto nearly destroyed Wolverine. The mutant villain stripped out his adamantium skeleton, burning out his healing factor in the process. At the time, it was a shocking move to strip the character of his invulnerability, and it offered up some new clues to his past. The story revealed that Wolverine's claws were actually bone and part of his mutation. While this led to a new take on the character, it's doubtful that Fox would tread this same ground again, given that part of "The Wolverine" focused on similar story beats.


old-man-logan-wolverine-comics.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Studios

3. Old Man Logan

Occasionally, comic writers get to really experiment with their characters, putting them in unfamiliar settings. One of the best examples is 2008's "Old Man Logan" storyline, an eight-issue arc written by Mark Millar. In this tale, readers followed Logan in a grim future where the villains had banded together and destroyed the heroes in battle. With the forces of good destroyed, nothing would stop them from taking over America. The result was a country laid waste and falling into chaos while the few surviving heroes fought amongst themselves. The storyline had some surprisingly deep moments, with Logan playing a pacifist trying to forget his past. His accidental role in the downfall of the heroes prompts him to swear off violence, until he has to reclaim his past as a warrior. Unfortunately, the story features several prominent characters owned by Marvel Studios, so a direct translation of the story to the screen is unlikely. However, a dark-future Wolverine story remains an interesting possibility for a future project.



wolverine3-alphaflight2.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Studios

2. Wolverine and Alpha Flight

A 1979 storyline gave fans another piece of Wolverine's history. Since the Weapon X program had involved the frozen north of Canada, creator John Byrne put together a team of Canadian superheroes to retrieve Logan. This team, called Alpha Flight, included the super-strong Sasquatch, brother-and-sister team Northstar and Aurora and the Guardian, Canada's answer to Iron Man. Alpha Flight eventually became a monthly title, and Wolverine often appeared as a part-time member of the team or in cameos. While the Alpha Flight characters may not be well-known to movie audiences, the rights to those characters may be available for a third Wolverine installment.


wolverine3-xforce.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Studios

1. Wolverine Forms the New X-Force

The X-Men franchise has grown to contain a large number of characters over the years. Marvel created a number of different titles to house these many characters in X-Men spin-off titles. X-Force was one such spin-off, and over the years the team has changed many times. In 2007, the company rebooted X-Force into a hard-edged, military-style team as part of their revamp of the mutant titles. Wolverine led the new X-Force, and the team even included a genetically modified clone of Logan himself. While the characters from the title might be a hard sell for the movie public, some variation of the black-ops mutant team idea might make a good future film.

Ultimately, the choice of a storyline for the third Wolverine film is affected by legal rights and the need to translate months' worth of comics into a couple of hours on the screen. Some of the best stories are the most complex, and they might prove too difficult or risky for the third installment of the series. Fans can rest assured, however, that with Logan's status as one of the most popular characters in the X-men, the studio will put extra effort into making sure the third Wolverine film doesn't disappoint.