Emily Mortimer: 'Cars 2 is like working with Woody Allen'

July 18th, 2011

Emily Mortimer says working on 'Cars 2' was similar to working with Woody Allen.

The actress - who voices sexy sports car Holley Shiftwell in the forthcoming animated sequel - says the lack of preparation and quick working speed on the Pixar movie was similar to that as when she worked with the famed director on 'Match Point'.

She said: "I did a Woody Allen film and in a way it was the same experience. He doesn't encourage too much preparation or thinking about it before you turn up. That's just the way he works, and so pretty much the first time you say it, is the first take and that's the last take generally. You got one shot.

"And while that's not the same with John Lassiter, the preparation process is the same and there really isn't time and you have to sort of use your own wits."

Emily admits she enjoyed working on both films because of the confidence the directors placed in her.

She explained: "With 'Match Point', after I got the script, I remember saying, 'I don't really want to do this.' And Woody said, 'I cast you in this film because you can do this, because this is how I see the part' and so you have to trust who you are is who they wanted. I felt the same way with this film, knowing John Lassiter had specifically developed the character around me."