Woody Allen wants love interest role

June 13th, 2011

Woody Allen finds it "tremendously frustrating" he can no longer play a love interest.

The 75-year-old director will shoot a film in the Italian capital city Rome later this year, starring Penelope Cruz, Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg, and despite him having a small role in the project, he is irritated because he would like to play a more romantic part.

He said: "I can't play the love interest anymore, and of course, this is tremendously frustrating because that's really what I want to play.

"There is a part for me in this. My wife and myself go to Rome because our daughter is going to marry an Italian boy that she met there and we're going over there to meet him and meet his family and what ensues."

However, the New Yorker reveals it is not a "classic" romantic comedy film.

He said: "It's a broad comedy, not a romantic comedy, but a broad comedy of various tales interwoven. I'm in one of them. All the parts are quite significant, there are no cameos, these are all significant parts, and there just happened to be a part that I could play."