Show-off Woody Harrelson

January 27th, 2012

Woody Harrelson is a natural ''show-off''.

The 'Hunger Games' star admitted deciding to become an actor was an ''instinctive thing'' because he was always looking for ''attention'' as a youngster.

He said: ''It was probably kind of an instinctive thing, because I liked to perform. You know what I mean?

''I'm a show-off. Some guy who just has a natural need to get some attention.''

However, he explained going into the acting business seemed an ''outlandish notion'' when he was a child and his first few years in the industry were a ''very tough period''.

Woody added: ''I was not necessarily inclined to try to become an actor. That seemed like an outlandish notion to a kid living in Ohio. But I went to college, and I did check out the drama department.

''Then in my senior year, my best buddy Clint was auditioning for Juilliard. And he asked me, 'If I get accepted, will you move to New York?' Then began a very tough period. I went into a serious depression. I couldn't get an agent.''