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The X-Men will battle the shape shifting "1st mutant" in history known as Apocalypse in the year 1983.

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Famke Janssen hopes her 'X-Men' character isn't recast with a younger actress. The 48-year-old actress, who plays telekinetic superhero Jean Grey in the popular films, admits she...
Ryan Reynolds says 'Deadpool' will be the ''movie we want to make''. The 38-year-old star is due to appear in the 'X-Men' movie spin-off and has revealed that after the film...
James McAvoy mistakenly shaved his hair off for his 'X-Men' role. The 35-year-old actor took on the role of a young Professor X in 2011's 'X-Men: First Class' and mistakenly...
Wolverine Is Depicted as Vulnerable in "The Wolverine"

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