Channing Tatum: "Gambit" movie is happening as much as it can

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The X-Men must travel in back in time and team up with their younger selves to change a major historical event that could globally impact both man and mutant kind.
June 10th, 2014

Channing Tatum admits a Gambit movie is the in works.

The hunk, 34, admits that at the moment the movie is not in his hands and staff are currently getting the relevant legalities and paperwork done.

He said: ''Gambit is about as happening as it possibly can. Right now it's just with the lawyers and they're all doing their stuff that I'm not involved in, but I'm about as in as I could possibly be.''

Tatum loved the Marvel Comics character and is planning to ''change up'' the portrayal of him.

He told ''We talked story, we're getting into it--we're gonna try to change up the superhero-type movie, maybe give us something a little different. In my opinion, Gambit is an outlier in the X-Men [universe], he's not a good guy in a way. He smokes, he drinks, he's chasing women, he's a thief. I'm not like an X-Men head but I just love him.''

There are still a number of details which need to be worked out later in the production process.

Tatum added: ''[It could] possibly [be rated R], but I don't think they'll ever--I don't know, we're still in the very, very, early, early stages. We don't even have a writer, we just talked very, very early stuff.''