Hugh Jackman in favour of "Wolverine" prequel

May 19th, 2014

Hugh Jackman thinks there should be a 'Wolverine' prequel.

The actor has already considered the fate of his clawed alter-ego when he gets too old for the role and is in favor 'Spider-Man' style reboot, which would allow producers to explore an earlier, teenage version of the character.

He mused during an interview with ''I was 30 when I got the role. It would be interesting to follow that character from 20, or even 18. Because we haven't seen it.''

The Australian star wants to exit the role with his head held high and is wary of overstaying his welcome playing the mutant superhero.

Jackman said: ''Personally I was always inspired by Jerry Seinfeld and how he left that show at its height on his own terms. I think that's a really smart way to do it.

''It'd be great to leave people wanting more and also great to leave on your own terms rather than getting that phone call, 'Now listen, Hugh, thank you so much for all you've done'...''

Hot on the heels of the release of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and two standalone 'Wolverine' films, Jackman thinks the franchise just keep getting bigger and better, so has no plans to quit yet.

He enthused: ''I'm enjoying this more than ever. I think from what Jane [Goldman] pulled off with the script to Brian [Singer] and Simon [Kinberg], for me there has to be some new direction for the character to go, and I feel like that's been happening.

''Right now I don't [want to leave] and as long as it keeps going in this direction I probably won't. [But] I know there's 10 million actors out there who would love to play the part!''