James McAvoy's fingers crossed for X-Men: First Class sequel

June 2nd, 2011

James McAvoy has his "fingers crossed" for an 'X-Men: First Class' sequel.

The 32-year-old actor - who plays Charles Xavier/Professor X in the Matthew Vaughn-directed action adventure movie - revealed that producers will not consider shooting a sequel based on the popular Marvel comic book series unless it is a financial success.

He said: "I suppose there will be a sixth film - but if 'First Class' makes £2.50 then I don't think we'll make any more 'X-Men' films at all!"

"If this film makes £2.50 times £20 million then maybe we'll make another movie. Fingers crossed!"

Scottish star James has previously revealed he was a massive fan of the cartoon series as a teenager.

He said: "I was really aware of the cartoon when I was growing up; I was about 12 years old when they started showing it on morning TV show 'Live & Kicking'.

"So I'd watch the first half of the cartoon then they'd make you wait an hour and fifteen minutes for the second half - it was ridiculous! Anyway, I was a big fan of that, and the films as well."