Ten X-Men Characters Fans Are Demanding to See in Future Movies

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Marvel Entertainment
May 6th, 2014

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Based on the highly successful Marvel comic book series that started in 1963, 20th Century Fox turned the story of human mutants into the first "X-Men" movie in 2000. There are currently six films in the X-Men franchise, each one with a plethora of amazing mutants with uncanny abilities. Many more characters appear in the comic books who have not made an appearance on the silver screen. Here is a list of 10 X-Men characters that fans want to see in future X-Men films.



polaris.jpegPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

10. Polaris

Also known as Lorna Dane, Polaris is often compared to Magneto, although her abilities are not as strong as his. She started out as evil, but soon changed sides and helped the young X-Men on a few cases, Every once in a while, Polaris reluctantly helps the X-Factor and X-Men groups, but she never becomes a permanent member of either team.



sunfire.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

9. Sunfire

Sunfire's human name is Shiro Yoshida. From time to time he has joined the X-Men team for missions, especially those involving the safety of Japan. In the end, it was thought Sunfire died after Rogue absorbed his powers to defeat Deathstrike. In future comic books, however, it was revealed that Sunfire was captured by Apocalypse, who turned Sunfire into his new Horseman, Famine.



mister-sinister.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

8. Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister's real name is Nathaniel Essex. He was originally a bioengineer for Oscorp who developed a way to create a super soldier. Because Essex wasn't allowed to test his technique on humans, he experimented on himself, becoming Sinister as a result, with superhuman abilities and schizophrenic traits. Sinister's main hallucinatory personality is Lord Apocalypse, who wants either to bring about mutant rule or to destroy the world. In the comic books, Sinister sneaked into X-Men headquarters and fought Angel, Iceman, Shadowcat, Rogue and Dazzler. He lost his fights, however, and remains in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody in restraints.


x-23.jpegPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment
7. X-23

Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, has enhanced endurance, agility and reflexes; superhuman senses; the ability to heal herself at super speed; and two bone claws in each arm and one in each foot.  She goes berserk when she smells a trigger scent. Later in the Marvel comics, she enrolls in Xavier Institute and joins the X-Men team.



dazzler.jpegPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

6. Dazzler

Dazzler is a costumed criminal mutant whose real life identity is Burt Worthington. He turned to a life of crime after he was denied a piece of his deceased father's fortune. When Burt's brother, Warren Jr., died, Warren's son sought vengeance against Dazzler as the mutant Angel. Angel defeated Dazzler and put him in prison.



cannonball.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

5. Cannonball

Sam Guthrie was a miner when the stress of being trapped triggered his mutant ability to generate a thermo-chemical energy that propels him like a rocket. During his time with X-Men, Cannonball, as Guthrie was known, worked with Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four. He moved between the X-Force group and X-Men, ultimately landing with the X-Men.


archangel.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment
4. Archangel

Archangel's real name is Warren Kenneth Worthington III. He has wings and can fly at speeds up to 150 miles per hour. After saving his schoolmates from a horrible fire, Professor Xavier recruited him to the new X-Men team. Archangel was involved in putting his criminal uncle Dazzler, mentioned above, in jail. Archangel left the X-Men to go public and start his own group, the Champions. When the Champions disbanded, Archangel rejoined the X-Men for a short time. He worked with the Avengers several times, before joining the X-Factor. Eventually, Archangel made his way back to the X-Men.


psylocke.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

3. Psylocke

Psylocke is Betsy Braddock's nickname, obtained after she was kidnapped by Mojo in the Swiss Alps, brainwashed and fitted with cybernetic eyes. She was rescued by the New Mutants then and recuperated at Xavier's mansion. She joined the X-Men and helped them fight Freedom Force, the Adversary, the Brood Boys, Magneto, Fenris, Dark Angel, Ghost Rider, Shadow King and many others. Psylocke joined Storm's X-Men team for a while and more recently she joined the Exiles, a group of dimension-hopping mutants.



cable.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

2. Cable

Nathan Summers is the offspring of Jean Grey's clone, Madelyne Pryor, and Cyclops. The cloning and birth of Nathan was orchestrated by Mister Sinister to create a weapon against Apocalypse. Nathan traveled in time and between alternate universes. The codename Cable was given to him as a metaphor for being a link between the present and the future. He formed the groups Wild Pack and Six Pack and helped form X-Force. He also joined the X-Men for a while, before dying and then coming back to life.


apocalypse.jpgPhoto Credit: Marvel Entertainment

1. Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur, or Apocalypse, is the mighty evil mutant that causes a lot of headaches for the X-Men and other positive mutant groups. He travels throughout time, thanks to the Celestial spaceship he found. Apocalypse formed his own team, the Alliance of Evil, and fought the X-Factor. Next, he created the Horsemen of Apocalypse with the intent to cull humanity and make mutants the supreme beings of Earth. Apocalypse discarded the Horsemen for the Riders of the Storm, also known as the Dark Riders. Recently, Apocalypse went to the Xavier mansion, but was forced out by the X-Men and the Avengers. He tried to kill himself to escape the Celestials, but they found him and resurrected him so they could whisk him away for judgment.

These 10 X-Men characters have exciting stories to be told.  Whether good guys or bad, fans want to see more of them on the silver screen. With many new X-Men movies planned for release over the next few years, maybe fans' wishes will come true. Upcoming movies expected for release in the X-Men series include, "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in 2014, "X-Men: Apocalypse" in 2016, "Wolverine III" in 2017, "X-Force" and "Deadpool."