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As the third installment of the X-Men series opens, the world has entered a relatively peaceful period for mutants. There's a mutant-tolerant president of the United States, a blue furry mutant named Beast (Kelsey Grammer) heading up the Department of Mutant Affairs, and Magneto's shape-shifting femme fatale, Mystique, has been captured. The tranquility is shattered when Worthington Laboratories, using a powerful mutant boy, develops a serum that eliminates the "mutant X gene" permanently.

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2013-06-11 17:00

Superhero Month: "X-Men: The Last Stand" Review

-- Rating: PG-13 (intense...

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Famke Janssen hopes her 'X-Men' character isn't recast with a younger actress. The 48-year-old actress, who plays telekinetic superhero Jean Grey in the popular films, admits she...
Kelsey Grammer wants to reprise his role as Beast in a future 'X-Men' film. The 59-year-old actor made a brief cameo as the ape-like mutant superhero at the end of the Marvel...
'X-Men Days Of Future Past' was a ''final goodbye'' for the original actors. Screenwriter Simon Kinberg insists the latest installment of the Marvel adventure, which stars Sir...
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