Jim Sturgess clueless about "Guardians" role

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For a decade, an elite team of intelligence and military operatives, working in secret across the globe, devoted themselves to a single goal: find and eliminate Osama bin Laden. Reuniting the Oscar winning duo of director-producer Kathryn Bigelow and writer-producer Mark Boal, this historical action thriller provides viewers with a real and suspenseful look inside history's biggest manhunt for the world's most dangerous man. Starring Jessica Chastain, Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton & Mark Strong.
March 14th, 2013

Jim Sturgess ''didn't know much'' about the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' lead role he auditioned for.

The 'One Day' actor was considered for the part of Peter Quill, aka Star Lord, in Marvel's highly anticipated superhero blockbuster, but he admits that he wasn't given too much information about the sought after role because the film studio shrouded the movie in secrecy.

He explained to Collider: ''I didn't really know much. They don't tell you too much about what you're actually getting yourself into. You're just going along for the ride and seeing how far you can take it.''

The prized role eventually went to 'Zero Dark Thirty' actor Chris Pratt, but Sturgess wasn't disappointed at not landing the part because he didn't ''feel connected'' to it.

He said: ''I never felt connected to the material because I never read any material.

''I worked as an actor for a few years before anything happened, so I'm used to going up for auditions, and then not getting the role. But sometimes I don't read the book of the film, in case I just totally fall in love with it, and then it just becomes an obsession and you want to do it so much because you've completely fallen in love with the story and the characters. And then, if the part doesn't go your way, it's heartbreaking.''

'Guardians of the Galaxy', directed by James Gunn, is tentatively due for release in 2014.