Zoe Saldana's weapon respect

July 10th, 2011

Zoe Saldana has "respect" for guns.

The 'Avatar' actress says she has grown up around weapons and enjoys using them, but always makes sure she's careful whenever she does.

She said: "Women with guns is happening and it's exciting. On a personal level, I have respect for weapons and I like using them. I grew up in a family of hunters so I've been around guns my whole life, although I would never actually hunt myself. I've never taken a life, except maybe an ant or insect here and there . and it still haunts me."

Zoe also revealed how she is "addicted to adrenalin" even though it often leaves her "black and blue".

Talking about her latest assassin movie 'Colombiana', Zoe, 33, told Total Film magazine: "I always go home looking like a map. That's what my mom tells me because I have black and blue all over the place. But I'm addicted to the adrenalin of being a physical person.

"That said, I'm entering the consciousness of mortality. With 'Avatar' I was fine: I'd get hurt, I'd get up, I'd brush it off and keep going. But my body feels like it's aged 10 years. It can't reboot as quickly."